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Love MINECRAFT? **Over 15,000 words of kid-friendly fun!** WITH PICTURES!
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

The Skull Kids are separated and stuck in darkness!
They’re three Minecraft players who hop from world to world, hunting zombies and searching for the elusive Herobrine–the ghost in the machine.

During a crazy night of being separated with no shelter, Renzor51 tries to survive in a sandy desert cave, while quantum_steve and Molly have baby zombie troubles! After a long trek through the forest, treetops, past a lava fall and lots of cave-riddled hills, Renzor51 reunites with the group just in time to help extend their simple, new home’s mine down to the bedrock. But he still can’t find any coal!

Several days into trying to survive, will the trio of players finally find some sense of security in their new mountain home? Will Renzor51 ever find some coal? Or will he have to keep working in the dark??

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