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Skeleton Steve’s “Minecraft Tips & Tricks Handbook”

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Get this Guide Handbook about Minecraft Secrets, Tips, and Tricks for FREE when you subscribe to the Skeleton Steve Club! This little book of secrets and tips that Skeleton Steve has learned from years of playing Minecraft is ONE of MANY free goodies you’ll receive being a part of the free club.

Skeleton Steve’s “Top Ten Rarest Tips in Minecraft”

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This quick Top Ten List is a collection of some of the more rare tips and tricks I’ve come across in my time playing Minecraft. Do you think you already know them all? Chances are pretty good you’ll learn something new. 😉

Skeleton Steve’s “The First 12 Things I Do when Starting a New Game”

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This mini-guide is a list and description of the first twelve tasks I always to (personally, Skeleton Steve) whenever I start on a new Minecraft world. That’s starting a new game, from scratch. New to the game? You’ll get a lot out of this. Advanced? I bet you’ll learn something.

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