Minecraft Diary of an Enderman NINJA

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Epic! The author is a really good writer.
Fantastic. I get these books by Skeleton Steve to read with my kids, and some of them are surprisingly good. This is one of them. Strong, solid plot, and fun characters. Great, clean stories for kids, with positive messages and lessons, and just a really good story too. I’ve been taking the time to read these myself too, a grown-up Minecraft fan, because they’re truly entertaining. The quality of the writing is great, lots of building suspense and conflict, and you get really attached to the characters. Funny that so much effort was put into just a Minecraft book, lol. This story will blow your mind. 😉
– An Amazon Customer

Read Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Ninja Book 1 NOW! Free Minecraft Book on KU!Diary of an Enderman Ninja – Book 1
**Over 16,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**

This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

Elias was a young Enderman. And he was a NINJA. 

As an initiate of the Order of the Warping Fist, Elias is sent on a mission by his master to investigate the deaths of several Endermen at Nexus 426. Elias is excited to prove himself as a novice martial artist, but is a little nervous–he still hasn’t figured out how to dodge arrows!

And now, when the young Enderman ninja discovers that the source of the problem is a trio of tough, experienced Minecraftian players, will he be in over his head? And what’s this talk about a ‘Skeleton King‘ and an army of undead?

Love Minecraft adventure??

Read Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Ninja Book 1 NOW! Free Minecraft Book on KU!Read Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Ninja Book 1 NOW! Free Minecraft Book on KU!

Read Book 1 of Minecraft Diary of an Enderman Ninja now!
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Read Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Ninja Book 1 NOW! Free Minecraft Book on KU!

Diary of an Enderman Ninja – Book 2
**Over 26,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

They’re off to kill the Skeleton King!

After Elias the Enderman Ninja discovered the source of the Endermen murders near Nexus 426, he learned that the Minecraftians’ presence was just a symptom of an even bigger problem–the Skeleton King and his army of skeleton archers! Will a temporary alliance between the Enderman and the Minecraftians be enough to take down the warlord abomination and restore balance to the area? And will Elias even be able to fight the giant skeleton boss without having completed his ninja training?

Love Minecraft adventure??

Read Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Ninja Book 1 NOW! Free Minecraft Book on KU!

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Read Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Ninja Book 1 NOW! Free Minecraft Book on KU!

Diary of an Enderman Ninja – Book 3
**Over 26,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

Elias the Enderman Ninja must redeem himself!

After suffering defeat in Book 2 by letting his ego lead the battle against the Skeleton King, Elias and the three Minecraftians are scattered and downtrodden. While healing his broken body in The End, Elias decides to return to Nexus 426 after some training with his master, to rejoin his friends and finish the battle he started…

This time, they’ll do it right.

But will an Enderman initiate ninja and three rough-and-tumble Minecraftians, even with their new resolve and the power of the Beacon, be able to defeat such a strong adversary?

Love Minecraft adventure??

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Book One Preview

Day 1 – Overworld

When I teleported to the Overworld, I never thought that I would be starting a diary.

It is always interesting, the adventures that life puts in my path. So here I am, an Enderman, sitting on a rock and penning words into this empty book I found in a chest.

The day is clear today. Warm. Very pleasant.

It feels strange, trying to think of things to say with my fingers instead of with my mind, to use this archaic quill and ink to put words on paper.

The grass, and the leaves in the trees, are swaying and whispering in the wind, as I scratch these words onto paper in this leather-bound book resting on my lap.

Such is the way.

I am reminded frequently by the flow of the world around me to ignore my expectations, because once I expect something to go one way, the universe opens like a flower and teases me into another direction.

But I am ninja, so I flow like water.

Or, at least, I try to.

So I embrace this journal. This diary.

I will write of my adventures on my Seed Stride, and it will become part of my way. A painting of this path on my journey of life.

My name is Elias, and I am Ender.

I am also an initiate in the Order of the Warping Fist—a unique group of Endermen ninja. By now, I would have normally been granted the title of ‘lower ninja’, but the end of my initiate training was interrupted by the Seed Stride.

It occurs to me that writing this diary gives life to my story, and my story may travel on away from me once it has life. One day, my story and I may go separate ways—my body and my words separate, but together.

So I must explain.

The ‘Seed Stride’ is a rite of passage for young Endermen. Just before we reach adulthood and become full members of the Ender race, we are compelled to go on a Seed Stride. This is the first of many Seed Strides I will take over the course of my life, to help contribute to the well-being and expansion of my people.

We Ender, as a race, rely on the Pearls, our Chi, to produce more Ender, and to attune ourselves to the rhythm of the universe. Our Chi is also the source of our power to teleport, to warp between worlds, and also enhances our ability to communicate by the voice of the mind.

Such things we Ender take for granted. But it is possible that you, whoever picks up this book, as my story decides to travel later, may not understand the simple concepts that I’ve known since my birth.

So, now that you understand, know that my first Seed Stride was the reason my initiate ninja training was interrupted before completion.

Mature Endermen all understand, either through training or experience, how to dodge arrows and other missile weapons through the awareness they achieve by being in tune with their Chi and the world around them.

I’m still working on it.

When it was time to begin my Seed Stride, I was a little concerned that I hadn’t yet mastered the Chi dodge, but as a ninja, I am comfortable enough in my combat ability to make up for my lack of skill in Chi.

Once my Seed Stride is complete, I will return to my master to complete my training. Then, I will increase in rank to lower ninja and start participating in real missions.

I understand that I am supposed to control my emotions. But the idea of finally being a real ninja and going on missions for the Order excites me! I’m sure that such excitement clouds my mind with impatience…

But I’ve got that impatience under control—really, I do!

So, I mentioned that the Ender people rely on the pearls. The pearls are the source of our enhanced power; the technology of our race.

I received my Ender pearl when I was very small. After going through the trials like all Ender younglings, I was chosen for the order. Some Endermen are more naturally in tune with their Chi than others. My connection and potential showed that I would be one of the few chosen to protect and further the race.

And now, I was almost fully-grown.

Though I recognize the value of humility, I was confident in my strengths.

I’m strong. And fast. And my martial arts skill is among the highest in my class.

I was sure that my connection with my Chi would catch up.

But I was out of time.

The time of my Seed Stride had come, so my training was paused, and now I am sitting on a rock in the sun, being one with the wind and the grass, and writing in this book…

Earlier today, I found a jungle.

The tall, green trees and lush ground was a most interesting biome! There were pools of water here and there, and I realized that a place so green had to experience frequent rain.

Warping through the environment, searching for pearl seeds in the dirt under thick vegetation, I knew that I needed to stay sharp—I wouldn’t want to get caught in the rain!

But it didn’t rain.

And I found four pearl seeds in dirt blocks during the time I traveled and warped through the interesting and lush environment. Trying to sense the Ender energy within, I picked up and discarded block after block of dirt until I could feel the pull of the Chi inside.

Whenever I found a dirt block containing a pearl seed, I opened my dimensional pocket, and stored the block with the other seed blocks for my return home.

The dirt blocks I collected would stay inside the dimensional pocket until I returned to the End at the completion of my Seed Stride.

There was no requirement or limit on the amount of blocks an Enderman was expected to collect on a Seed Stride. Finding the pearl seeds for our people was something engrained in us from an early age—something we were expected to do as a service to our race.

I figured that I would know when I had collected enough seeds. My heart was open, and I would listen to my instinct. Once I finished this Seed Stride, and was satisfied with my service to the Ender people, I would return to the End to plant my seeds and continue my ninja training.

Some Endermen collected more seeds than others. And some dedicated their entire lives to the Seed Stride, walking the Overworld forever in search of the dirt blocks that held the promise of a growing pearl.

I would work hard, and collect many seeds. My life as a member of the Order was sworn to a duty to the people, after all. But my real goals lay in the path to becoming a better ninja.

I loved being a ninja. And once I rose to the rank of a lower ninja, I would at least have the respect of my peers.

Yes, maybe I suffered from a little bit of pride. I was aware.

But I knew what I wanted.

I wanted to be the best.

The strongest and fastest ninja. I wanted to be a shadow. In time, I hoped that I could even become a master, and be able to channel my Chi into fireballs, and do all of the other cool ninja stuff that Master Ee-Char could do.

So far, I had twenty-seven seeds. Pausing to peer into my dimensional pocket, I counted them again. Twenty-seven blocks of dirt, all holding the promise of growing an Ender pearl to be joined with twenty-seven Ender younglings in the future. Perhaps one of them would also become a ninja, like me.

When I was in the jungle, earlier today, I found an old structure. Old for Minecraftians, I guess.

The small building was made of chiseled stone blocks, now overrun with vines and green moss.

As I explored the inside of the old Minecraftian structure, I noted that it was some sort of temple. My ninja awareness easily detected a couple of rotting, crude traps, and I avoided the trip lines and pressure plates without effort.

Inside a wooden chest, among a bunch of Minecraftian junk and zombie meat, I found this book.

Out of curiosity, I experimented with the levers by the stairs, until I revealed a hidden room with another wooden chest. Just more junk. Pieces of metal and bones.

Those Minecraftians and their junk…

At least, I figured it was Minecraftian junk. I had never personally met one of the creatures before. From what I’d heard in my training and tales from other Endermen, the Minecraftians were small and weak, but were intelligent, and were able to transform the Overworld into tools, armor, and other technology that made them stronger.

The older Endermen told me stories about the famous Steve, as well as other Minecraftians that came and went frequently on the Overworld. We even saw a Minecraftian or two appear every once and a while on the dragon’s island, stuck on our world because of dabbling with portal technology they didn’t understand. I’ve never seen them myself, but I’ve heard about the incidents from Endermen who were there at the time.

Usually, the visiting Minecraftians had it out for the dragon.

It never lasted long.

Apparently, they were usually surprised when they appeared on the obsidian receiver, and realized that there was no way to get home! I’ve heard that when they inevitably decide to attack the dragon, the great, ancient beast just plucks them up and throws them out into the void.

Well, now I had a piece of their junk. This book was constructed from leather and paper, which was likely constructed from something else. This ink was created by Minecraftians as well—all components derived from plants, animals, and minerals of the Overworld, to be sure.

What a beautiful day!

This Overworld is very bright during the day—uncomfortably so. But it’s very peaceful and lovely.

I think I’ll meditate for a while and write more tomorrow…


Day 2 – Overworld

After meditating, filling my Chi, and exploring the Overworld during the night, I decided to stay out in the open again during the next day.

I ran into another couple of Endermen during the night, a time when exploring is a lot easier on our eyes. But now, during the day, now that the sunlight is flooding the world around me, I’m all alone again.

During my training, I was never told to only go out at night, but it seems to be an unspoken rule of my people on the Seed Stride here. And I can understand why. The sun was so bright and hot on my eyes! But I didn’t care. Let the others go into hiding or warp back to the End during the day. I had seeds to collect and an infinite world to explore!

Today, I observed the animals and the Overworld’s native mobs.

There were several different kinds of beasts that I found, as I teleported from valley to valley, hillside to hillside, as the sky lightened with the rising sun. White, clucking birds, fluffy sheep, spotted cows, pink pigs. I was able to understand them by using my Chi to perceive their thoughts, but their language was very basic and they mostly communicated with each other through grunts and noises.

What is your name?” I asked a particular chicken with my mind voice.

I am a chicken,” it thought back. “Bawk!” it said aloud.

What is your purpose?

I am eating.”

The bird scratched at the ground with its goofy yellow feet, pulling plant seeds out of the tall grass.

As the morning went on, I noticed that some of the larger, more complicated creatures, the mobs, as I was taught they were called, burst into flames as the sun settled higher into the sky! Skeletons and zombies raced around, frantic and on fire, until they burned up and left behind nothing but piles of ash, bones, and charred meat.

What an interesting world.

As I teleported into the shadows of a tall, dark forest, I found a lone zombie hiding from the sun under a pine tree. He held a metal shovel in his hand—a Minecraftian tool.

Excuse me,” I said into his mind.

“Who…? Who’s there?” the zombie asked in a dull, slow voice. The creature looked around with black eyes.

I stepped out from the shadows to where it couldn’t help but notice me. It’s not like I was trying to hide before—I don’t know how it didn’t see me.

The zombie’s face stretched in surprise. “Oh!” it cried. “You surprised me! So sneaky!” It settled down, paused, and stood vacant for a moment before speaking again. “What you want?”

I was wondering … why does the sun sets zombies on fire?” I said into its mind.

The zombie was shocked. “The sun sets zombies on fire?!” It was suddenly very aware of the sunlight just outside of the shadow of the tree, and the poor undead creature clutched at the pine’s trunk to keep away from the light.

Elias,” I suddenly heard in my mind. The voice of another Enderman. “Behind you.

Turning, I saw, across a sunny valley, was an area of deep shadow under a cliff—probably a cave. Another Enderman stood inside. From here, I could see his eyes glowing purple in the dark, and I could barely make out the white symbol of the Order of the Warping Fist on his black headband.

Another ninja.

I left the zombie, teleporting across the valley to stand before the other Enderman.

What is it, sir?” I asked. It was Erion, a lower ninja from the rank just above me. He had finished his initial training, and would now be expected to perform minor missions while still taking training from his master. His headband was black instead of blue (like mine), but still bore the white symbol of a novice.

Soon I would have a black headband like his.

Elias, you have been summoned by Master Ee’char. He has ordered that you return to the Temple immediately.

But … my Seed Stride…?

Master Ee’char is aware that you are on Seed Stride. He has sent me to find you and ask you to return to him, still.” Erion broke eye contact for a moment, and glared around at the sunny valley. “What are you doing exploring during the day?

Thank you, Erion. I’ll return directly,” I said into his mind.

The other Enderman ninja nodded, then disappeared with a zip and a brief shower of tiny, purple motes of light.

I turned, and noticed that the zombie I was talking to was gone. In front of the tree, outside of the shadow and in the sunlight, was a pile of charred meat … and a shovel.


What a strange world.

Teleporting around on a single world was easy. It was a lot like making a long jump—didn’t require much energy, much of my Chi. I could overdo it, of course. If I warped around too much in too short a period of time, I would … get tired, in a way. If my energy became too low, I would have to wait, or meditate for a while, until I had enough Chi to teleport again.

While exploring during my Seed Stride, the more I practiced harnessing my Chi for warping, the more I could do it without resting. I suppose there would come a time when teleporting on one world like I did here—hill to hill, place to place—would become as easy as blinking my eyes. In time.

But not yet. I still had to try. Still had to focus. And I could still get tired.

Teleporting was easier today than it was yesterday, though. With practice, I’d be able to warp more without resting and recharging my Chi—I was sure of it!

Jumping to another world was a different matter, however.

Going back and forth between the Overworld and the End was difficult, and required me to focus and have very strong Chi. The act needed all of my energy. And I’d probably need to recharge quite a bit before I could do it again.

So I sat on the cool stone in the shadow of the cave mouth, my legs crossed, my hands open and resting on my knees, receptive to the Overworld’s Ender energy.

I meditated for a while, and let my thoughts dissipate. Focused only on my breathing, I willed my body to be a receiver for the energy of the world—the combined energy of all of the pearl seeds hidden in the blocks around me … the energy of the world’s core. It all funneled into me, moving up my arms, my legs, spiraling to my center … to my Chi.

My Ender pearl was warm inside of me.

And I warped home.


Day 2 – The End

Appearing in the End was an immediate relief to my eyes. The world was dark and pleasant. All was quiet except for the faint flapping of the dragon’s wings, its occasional grumbles, and the subtle zip sounds of the Ender people warping around.

I appeared on the dragon’s island, just like most of us did. It was the easiest place for me to focus on in my mind.

The silence of the void outside of the island was like a heavy embrace.

Endermen bustled around, chatting with each other with their mind voices, moving their dirt blocks around, planting seeds.

Focusing next on the Temple of the Order of the Warping Fist, far across the void from the dragon island, I teleported to the outer ring.


Appearing just outside the temple, I looked around, shocked at how different the Overworld was from my home. The End was comfortable and consistent. The same meteor-like stone made all of the islands and outliers, and the chorus fruit grew tall and still. There was no wind here. Not really. Not like on the Overworld. Over the last few days, I had grown accustomed to the trees, grass, and the whole world moving around me all of the time.

The End was so simple compared to the variety and chaos of the Overworld. Comforting, yes. But the adventure and unknown aspect I’d been seeing in the Overworld was … growing on me.

Outside the temple, I saw another ninja sitting on the bridge, meditating. His eyes were closed, and he kept them closed as I approached. As the Enderman sat, straight and in perfect meditation posture, serene and still, I saw that he was wounded. Several gashes striped his body and left arm. He was clearly trying to channel his Chi to heal himself as quickly as possible.

On his forehead was the black headband and red symbol of a middle ninja. A grown adult, fully trained, responsible, and going on normal missions.

Be well, brother,” he said into my head as I drew near.

What happened to you, sir?” I asked.

One cannot defeat every opponent,” he responded. “This battle was to be a lesson for me instead of a victory, it seems...”

What weapon did that to you?

Not the weapon, initiate,” he responded. “The weapon is just a tool. It was a pair of Minecraftians that outmaneuvered me on Overworld. Their tools were diamond swords.

You teleported back here to heal?” I asked.

Yes,” the ninja responded. “The simple Chi of the End makes it easier to focus and attain wholeness.

I contemplated that for a moment. “Be well,” I said. “Get better.

The middle ninja nodded, his eyes still closed, and I proceeded across the purpur bridge into the Temple. The Shulker guards pried their shells open for a moment to regard me with beady little eyes, then closed again with a chunk.

After teleporting up the main tower, I arrived at the primary dojo, and scanned the crowd of younglings for my master. Two other masters were present and teaching the Ender young. Small Ender bodies struggled and clashed together, and I heard the frequent *zip, zip, zip* of them teleporting around. One of the masters looked up at me from across the big, open room.

Initiate Elias,” he said in my mind, his mind voice as clear as a bell. “Your master is on the roof.

I nodded, and teleported to the base of the stairs. After a brisk walk up the skinny staircase, I emerged under the open void of the End and spotted my master across the huge, flat, purple roof.

Master Ee’char was an old Enderman. Not weakened by age at all, he stood tall and regal on the exposed roof, the highest point of the Order Temple. The vast purple and speckled void swam across the sky above us, reminding me of how small even the Order of the Warping Fist was in the immensity of the End. My master turned to me, and I saw his green eyes glow across the dim space.

There were very few Endermen that still had the green eyes from back when our race was young. Other masters, and the elders of the normal Ender population, showed green eyes here and there, but my race’s eyes have been purple ever since even before the discovery of the outer rim and the construction of our great End Cities.

Initiate Elias,” my master said in my mind. He turned, and I saw that he held a flower pot from the Overworld in his hand. A tall, red flower grew out of its soil. The red petals were shockingly bright compared to the low light and muted colors of the End.

Other flower pots full of Overworld flowers sat on the roof floor behind him, organized in a line. He must have been tending to them when I arrived.

Yes, Master?” I responded, and approached on foot.

How goes your Seed Stride?” Master Ee’char asked, his green eyes focused on the flower. He cleaned dirt and dust from the plant with his nimble black fingers.

Going well, master,” I said. “I have acquired twenty-seven seeds, and I expect to acquire many more. Why have you summoned me away from the Stride?

My master looked up at me, as if shocked by my directness. Or maybe he was faking—I could never read him fully. He slowly turned his attention back to the red flower.

What do you see, Elias?

A red flower from the Overworld,” I said.

And what can you learn from this flower?

I thought for a moment about what he might be getting at before responding. “The flower is strong and is surviving on our world?

Master smiled, and turned.

That is a valid observation,” he said. “You may also note its beauty and its symbol of hope, as it struggles in its young life to rise up out of the dirt and muck. This particular plant can only produce flowers if it has enough dirt to push roots through. There is more to this flower than strength and beauty, and you are to contemplate this while you are on your mission…

What mission?” I asked. “Back to my Seed Stride?

No, young initiate.” Master Ee’char placed the flower pot gently back onto the purpur roof, then turned to face me, his hands calmly drawn together. “I am sending you on a mission to investigate an incident developing near Nexus 426.

The Nexus he was referring to was one of the common areas that we Enderman use to teleport down to the Overworld. When warping to one of the other worlds, we could choose to either appear in a random location, or to focus on a particular location according to memory and experience, or to use a common Nexus that the Ender race catalogued over time.

Nexus 426 would be one of my peoples’ many common warping destinations.

Personally, I’d never been there before…

But Master,” I said, “What about my Seed Stride?

Consider this a small diversion, young one,” he responded. “Your Seed Stride will still be there for you. The seeds will still be present and waiting for you—even around Nexus 426.” My master sighed in my mind, then looked out into the void. “In the last several days, many non-Order Endermen have been killed near that Nexus point. You are to travel there and investigate. And if you can identify the cause of the Ender deaths, you are to neutralize it…

A real mission? To assassinate an assassin? But I wasn’t even lower ninja yet!

Respectfully, my master,” I said, “why have I been chosen for this? I haven’t even finished my initiate training…?

Master Ee’char turned back to me, considered my expression, then smiled, bent, and picked a red flower from the flower pots at his feet. He extended the flower to me, and I took it.

Young initiate, return to the dragon island and plant the seeds you already have. Then teleport to Nexus 426.

I bowed.

Thank you, master.

The ancient Enderman smiled and turned away, back to his flowers. I departed on foot until I was on the stairs, then placed the red flower into my dimensional pocket and teleported away.

Back on the dragon island, I found a ragged edge of the landmass that was being expanded.

Yes, I thought. This would do.

Reaching into my dimensional pocket, I removed my seed blocks, and began adding them to the island, one by one. The dirt blocks bound to the endstone easily, and my meager twenty-seven blocks was now a new piece of the island. In time, these seed blocks would transform into endstone, and the dragon’s energy would start growing the pearls inside of them.

After spending a moment looking over my handiwork with satisfaction, I warped over to the Gateway, focused on Nexus 426, then teleported back to Overworld.


Day 3 – Overworld

The Overworld was bright.

Focusing on Nexus 426 warped me right into the middle of a desert biome, and it was the middle of the day when I arrived. After the pleasant, dim light of the End, my eyes were assaulted by the glare of the desert sun.

After getting my bearings and looking around, I skipped across the desert with short teleports until I reached the edge of a forest, and found relief just inside the shadowy tree line.

The world was quiet around me. All I could hear was the sound of the wind, and many small, tan rabbits hopping around in the sand outside of the trees.

I had to remind myself that a killer of Endermen was lurking around here somewhere…

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