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Diary of a Lone Wolf – Book 1

**Over 12,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

Dakota was a young wolf, happy with his life in a wolf pack in the taiga forest where he was born.

Almost fully-grown, Dakota was fast and loved to run. He had friends, loved his mother, respected his alpha, and had a crush on a young female pack-mate.

But his life was about to change forever when his pack was attacked by the Glitch, a mysterious and invincible horde of mobs that appeared and started killing everything in their path!

Now, he was a lone wolf. With the help of Skeleton Steve, would he ever belong to another pack again? Would they escape the Glitch and warn the rest of Diamodia?

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Diary of a Lone Wolf – Book 2

**Over 17,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

Dakota the lone wolf isn’t alone anymore.

In fact, life is good! With his new alpha, Steve, and his new pack mates, Rex and Winter, the young wolf is really loving his life in the village! What a change from his old life with his pack in the forest, and the nightmare of being on the run from the Glitch!

But peaceful times are interrupted one night when a strange storm causes a massive explosion in town, and Steve takes the three wolves down into the caves under the village to help recover a lost villager child! Will Dakota and his friends be able to protect their new alpha from undead monsters deep underground? And what happens if they get lost??

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Diary of a Lone Wolf – Book 3

**Over 18,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

Lost in the deep, deep darkness!

After delving into the underground caves under the village to help Steve find the lost villager child, Dakota and his friends are separated from their alpha and hopelessly lost themselves! Now, the wolves have to make a plan to get back to the surface, but first things first–Dakota and Rex have to find Winter! She’s missing and alone somewhere deep in the dark.

But even if the trio reunites, how will three hungry wolves from the surface world ever survive the dangers of the Diamodia underworld? And once they attract the attention of a swarm of cave spiders in an abandoned mineshaft, is the Lone Wolf and his friends destined to become arachnid appetizers?

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Diary of a Lone Wolf – Book 4

**Over 21,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

How does a lone wolf save his friends against all odds??

Dakota is lost down near the bedrock, deep underground. His new pack mates, Rex and Winter, are poisoned and webbed up as future food in a huge cave spider nest in a dark abandoned mineshaft! They’ve all lost their alpha, and have no idea how to get home…

Could this misadventure in the cave system under Dakota’s village get any worse?! Now, the lone wolf is alone, starving, still lost deep underground, and has to save his new friends–his new family–from dozens of venomous spiders AND find the way back to Steve on the surface! Will the lone wolf survive and bring his new pack to safety? Or will he be defeated by any of the number of dark and terrible things against him??

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Book One Preview

Day 1

So how does a wolf tell a story? What should I say, Skeleton Steve?

Oh? Where should I start?


So, I guess, my name is Dakota. I’m a wolf.

Heh … I already said that. I guess, technically, I’m a dog now. No? Doesn’t matter?

Skeleton Steve is telling me that I’m a wolf. Steve calls me a dog. But I don’t understand much about what Steve says.

Is this confusing? I’m sorry. Where was I?

Just from … okay, right before.

Well, I guess I can start by telling you about my old pack. My family.

Just a few days before the attack, it was a day like any other.

I woke up in the forest and leapt to my feet! It was a beautiful morning. The forest was in shadows of the rising sun, a cool breeze was crisp on my face, and I could smell the woods come alive! Approaching a tall pine tree, I scratched my shoulders on its bark.

All of my pack was waking up around me.

What a great life!

I ran down to the creek, and drank some water. Splashed my face into it. Cold! And shook my fur, sending drops of cold mountain water all over before bounding back up the hill.

I guess it’s a good time to introduce the pack.

My eyes went first to the alpha and his mate. Logan and Moon. Logan was a huge wolf, and he was really nice. He and Moon didn’t talk with us very much, but he was a good leader. Logan mostly kept to himself, quiet and strong, and he led us through the mountains day by day whenever we moved.

Right now, we’d spent the last several days hanging out here. There were fields full of sheep nearby, and with this nice, flat area, a mountain creek down the hill a bit, and plenty of shade, it was a good clearing to stay in for a while. I was sure we’d move on soon. We always did.

My belly rumbled. We didn’t eat yesterday. Today, I knew the alpha would probably send Archie and me to scout out another herd of sheep for the pack to hunt. I was so fast, one of the fastest wolves in the pack, and Archie was pretty fast too, so Logan usually sent us out to find the food.

I loved my job! It was great, roaming around with my best bud, running as fast as we could, exploring the mountains all around the clearing where the pack lived. It was only last year when I was finally old enough to be given a job to do. I loved being able to help my family so well.

Taking a big breath of fresh air, I looked around at the rest of the pack waking up and frolicking in the brisk morning.

Over at the edge of the forest were Colin and Arnou. They were the warriors, really. We all help each other, and we all have shared tasks given to us by the alpha, but the big and muscular brothers, Colin and Arnou, were really great at fighting, and they were always the first to defend the pack against any mobs that attacked us—the first aside from Logan the alpha, that is.

There was my mother, Minsi, one of the older female wolves. I loved my mother. She sat on her own this morning, watching the birds and chewing on a bone.

Running and playing together was the mated pair, Boris and Leloo. Leloo helped raise the cubs (all of the females did, really), and Boris, along with his brother Rolf, were very good at hunting and taking down our prey. The two hunter brothers were very skilled at circling a herd of sheep or other food, and making the animals run whichever way they wanted.

Sitting in the shadow of a couple of pine trees were Maya, and her daughter, Lupe.

Lupe was my age.

She was a beautiful wolf. And smart too. And funny.

I dunno. For some reason, I had a really hard time talking to her. Archie joked with me a lot that I should make her my mate, but whenever I walked up to her, whenever I tried to talk to her, my tongue became stupid, I forgot was I wanted to say, and I just embarrassed myself whenever I tried.

It was terrible! Yes, I guess, I really, really liked her. It should have been easy!

Easy just like with Logan and Moon. Logan has been alpha since before I was born, but my mother told me that before he was alpha, when he was younger, he just walked up to Moon one day and decided that they were going to be mates.

I don’t really understand how that works. Maybe one day I will.

“Hey, dude!” said Archie, running up to see me.

“Oh, hey! Good morning!” I said, sitting in the dirt.

Archie was a year older than me, and my best friend. When we were growing up, we always did everything together.  And now that we were practically adult wolves (almost), we worked together whenever Logan gave us an assignment.

“You ready?” he said, wagging his tail.

“Ready for what?” I asked.

“Going to look for a herd, of course!” he replied.

“Well, yeah, but Logan hasn’t told us to yet.”

“I bet he will,” Archie said.

Not an hour went by before the massive alpha called on us.

“Dakota! Archie!” he said, his deep voice clear above the rest of the pack, chatting in the morning. We ran up and sat before him.

“Yes, sir?” we said.

“You two explore down in the valley today, see if you can find another herd for us to hunt.”

“Right away,” I said. Archie acknowledged as well, and we departed our pack’s temporary home, flying down the hill as quickly as our speedy wolf feet would take us. With the wind in my face, I dodged around trees, leapt over holes, exploded through the underbrush, and felt great!

When we emerged from the huge, pine forest, I felt the sun warm up my face, and I closed my eyes, lifting my snout up into the sky. Archie popped out of the woods next to me.

“Look at that,” Archie said. “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

The sunshine on our faces was very pleasant, and looking down, I could see a huge grassy field, full of red and yellow flowers. Little bunnies hopped around here and there, and in the distance was a group of sheep—mostly white, one grey, one black.

Beautiful. I thought of Lupe.

“Awesome,” I said. “And hey—there’s the sheep over there!”

We returned to the pack and led everyone through the forest back to the colorful and sunny meadow we found.

Soon, we were all working together to keep the sheep in a huddle while Logan, Boris, and Rolf, darted into the group of prey and eventually took them all down. After Logan and Moon had their fill, the rest of us were free to eat what we wanted.

I chomped down on the raw mutton and filled my belly. The sun was high, a gentle breeze blew through the meadow, and I felt warm and happy. Archie ate next to me, and I watched Lupe from afar, dreaming of a day when I would be brave enough to decide she was my mate.

Life was good.


Day 2

Today Archie and I went for a swim.

It wasn’t necessary to go looking for more food yet, according to the alpha, so we were instructed to stay together, for the most part.

As a pack, we didn’t eat every day. But sometimes, I got lucky and found a piece of rotten zombie flesh on the ground after the undead mobs burned up in the morning. Today wasn’t one of those days, but it happened sometimes.

Anyway, it was fortunate that the mountain creek was just down the hill. Archie and I were able to run down and swim, while the rest of the pack sat around digesting all of the mutton we ate yesterday.

A section of the creek was nice and deep, so my friend and I splashed around and competed to see who could dog-paddle the longest. Archie won most of those times, but I know that I’m faster than him on the ground, ha ha.

There was a bit of a commotion around lunchtime when my mother happened upon a skeleton archer that was hiding in the shadows under a large pine tree. She gasped and back-pedaled as the undead creature raised his bow and started firing arrows into our midst.

Arnou was nearby, and responded immediately, with Colin close behind.

As the warrior wolves worked together to flank the skeleton, the mob did get one decent shot off, and Colin yelped as an arrow sank into his side.  But the two strong wolves lashed out quickly, and were able to latch onto the skeleton’s arms and legs, taking him down in no time. Only bones remained.

Colin and Arnou each took a bone, and went back to their business of lounging with the pack.

“Are you okay?” I said to my mother.

“Yes, thank you, Dakota,” she said. “I’m glad you were out of the way.”

“Oh come on, mom,” I said. “I could have taken him.”

“I know you could have, sweetie,” she replied, and licked my face.

I don’t know why the skeleton attacked. Sometimes the mobs attacked us. Sometimes not. Sometimes we (especially Colin and Arnou) attacked them. We did love zombie meat and skeleton bones, but I’ve never felt the urge to outright attack one of the undead to get it. I knew that if we were patient, we would always find more sheep and get plenty to eat.

Later that day, Archie caught me staring at Lupe, and decided to give me a hard time.

“You should go and talk to her, man!” he said, nudging me with his snout in her direction. Lupe noticed the movement, and looked over at us. I saw her beautiful, dark eyes for an instant, and then I turned away.

“Cut it out, man! Jeez!” I shoved him back with my body. “You made her look!”

“So what?” he said. “What’s wrong with looking?” He laughed. “Maybe she should look. Then something will finally happen!”

I stole a glance back to her from the corner of my eye. She had looked away, and was laying in the grass again, looking at the clouds as they rolled by. Usually she hung out around her mother, Leloo, but she was by herself for the moment.

Could I? Did I dare?

“Look, dude,” Archie said. “She’s by herself. Go for it!

I gulped, and looked back at my friend. I looked around at all of the other pack members. They weren’t paying any attention. Just going about their own things.

Padding silently through the grass, I approached. Quiet. Well, not too quiet. Didn’t want to look like I was sneaking up on her! I just didn’t want to look loud. Okay, I needed to be a little louder.

Snap. Crunch. I made some random noises on the ground as I approached.

Jeez, I thought. I’m being a total weirdo! What am I doing?

Lupe turned her head to my approach, and when I saw her face, my heart fluttered.

“Hi, Dakota!” she said.

She was happy. Good. I wanted to see her happy. Make her happy. Umm … if she wanted to be happy. Then I’d help her be happy. What?

“Oh … hi,” I said. Gulped.

She watched. Smiled. Waited patiently. What would I say? I couldn’t really think of anything.

“How’s it going?” she asked.

“Good. Great!” I said. “Really great!”

“That’s cool,” she replied.

I looked back, and saw Archie watching. He nudged at me with his nose from far away. Go on, he said without words.

“Uh,” I said, “How are you?”

Lupe smiled and looked back at the clouds.

“Oh, I’m fine, thanks.” Her tail gave a little wag.

“So, uh,” I said, trying to think of something to talk about. “Did you get plenty of mutton yesterday? Lots to eat? I hope you ate a lot! I mean—not that it looks like you eat a lot, or too much. I mean—you’re not fat or anything; I didn’t think you look fat—”

Her face contorted in confusion.

Holy heck! What was I doing?

“Um … I’m sorry! I’m not calling you fat I just … uh …”

Lupe laughed a nervous laugh.

“Ah … yeah,” she said. “I got plenty to eat. Thanks to you.”

“Um … me, and Archie. We found the sheep.”

“Yeah, she said. “I know.” She smiled, then watched the clouds.

“Yeah,” I responded. I watched her, trying to think of something to say that wasn’t completely boneheaded. After a few moments, she noticed me staring, and looked back at me. I looked up to the sky.

Her tail gave a small wag.

“Okay, well,” I said, “I guess I’ll go see how Archie is doing.”

“Oh, really?” she asked. “Well, okay, I guess…”

“Okay,” I said. “Well, bye.”

“Bye,” she said, gave me a smile, then looked back to the clouds she was watching.

I walked back to my friend feeling like an idiot, being careful not to walk like a weirdo.

Later that night, I laid in the grass, watching the stars. As the square moon moved across the sky, I looked at a thousand little pinpricks of light, shining and twinkling far, far away, drifting through space.

Most of the pack was already asleep. I could see Lupe sleeping next to her mom. Archie was sleeping near me, and the rest of the pack kept close together—my mother, the warriors and hunters, Leloo. The alphas slept away from us, a little ways up the hill.

The night was quiet, aside from the occasional zombie moan far in the distance, or the hissing of spiders climbing the trees. I was a little hungry, but tried to ignore my belly.

The stars all looked down at me from the vast, black sky, watching over all of us. So pretty.


Day 3

The morning started like all others.

We woke up and the pack was abuzz with hunger. It would be another scouting day for Archie and me. I ran down to the creek to splash cold water on my face, and found a piece of zombie flesh.

Even though I was hungry, I decided not to eat it. I took the delicious piece of meat in my mouth, careful not to sink my teeth into its sweet and smelly goodness, and brought it to my mom.

“Aw, thanks, honey!” she said. “Do you want to split it with me?”

“No, that’s okay, mom. You have it,” I said.

“But you’re probably going to go looking for a herd with Archie today, right? You should take some and have the energy.”

“That’s alright, mom. I’ll eat later.”

“Okay, but I’ll hang onto half of it in case you change your mind, okay?” She started to eat the zombie meat.

As we expected, Logan called on Archie and I to go out and find another herd of sheep. We happily complied, and ran through the forest for the better part of an hour, seeking out prey for the pack.

It was a warm day, and the breeze in my face felt great! My feet were fast, and the forest smelled good, and I ran like the wind. After a while, I caught the scent of mutton, and led Archie to a small herd of sheep wandering around in dense trees.

“There’s our meal ticket!” Archie said. “Let’s go back!”

“Let’s do it!” I said, and we laughed as we sprinted through the woods back to the pack.

After dodging through the trees, leaping over boulders, and running silently through the straights like grey ghosts, we approached the forest clearing where the pack was living.

But something was wrong.

As we came down the hill, past enough trees to see the clearing, I smelled a weird smell. Something different that I hadn’t smelled before. Something alien. And as we approached closer, I heard the sounds of battle!

Zombies moaned and growled. Skeletons clattered. Bows twanged, and arrows whistled through the air. I heard growls and scratches, thumps and crashes. Yelps and cries and raw wolf snarls!

“What the—?” Archie cried, as we ran down to the clearing.

Our pack was fighting for their lives against a group of zombies and skeletons!

I couldn’t count how many of the undead were down there—the scene was confusing. For some reason, the battle was taking place in broad daylight, and the mobs weren’t burning up in the sun!

In the chaos before us, I had a very hard time making out who was alive and who was already dead. The alpha was obviously still alive, running to and fro between the undead, striking with power and mainly pulling the attackers off of the other wolves. Moon, I think, was doing the same. Several wolves lay dead. My stomach suddenly turned cold.

Mom. Lupe.

I searched with my eyes over the fray, looking for the two most important females in my life. I didn’t see my mother anywhere. Was she one of the dead wolves? One of the silver bodies lying motionless on the grass?

Archie bolted down into the battle. “Come on!” he yelled. He immediately charged a skeleton that was facing off with Boris.

I sprinted down the hill and tried to watch for Lupe and my mother as I approached the fight. I could see Colin and Arnou, fighting together, surrounded by zombies. Each of the warriors had arrows sticking out of their bodies. Colin lashed out and bit a zombie on the arm, knocking it back, and—what?!

The monster glitched. I blinked. Shook my head.

The zombie Colin bit fell back in pain, but at the same time also stayed in the same place, Colin’s teeth wrapped around its arm, and … suddenly … there were two?

Two zombies?

The zombie that remained in Colin’s grip swung its fist down at the mighty warrior wolf, and bashed him on the head. Colin went down.

Crash! I yelped in pain as a zombie at my side swung down and smashed me in the side. I was so shocked by what I saw happen with Colin that I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me!

The zombie next to me, focused entirely on me, raised its fists to strike again, and I rapidly dodged away from him.

I was fast, after all!

So many undead. This was crazy! I dodged between multiple sets of blue-panted zombie legs, and bony skeleton legs. A bow twanged, and an arrow thudded into the ground where I had been standing a split-second before.

Where was Lupe? Where was my mom?

The sounds of battle, the sounds of the undead, the pain and cries of my family—it was all deafening around me. And the weird smell was an assault on my nose. Sulfuric. The smell of gun powder. And rotting. And a weird, strong plant smell, like really nasty plant blood.

My pack was dying around me! I could still see the alpha doing battle with the undead up the hill a ways. I didn’t see Moon.

“Lupe!” I cried. “Lupe, where are you?”

I dodged another undead attack.


I heard her sweet, clear voice, but it was twisted by terror. Dodging another zombie, I looked around frantically.

Arnou was fighting alone now, surrounded by zombies. Boris and Archie were together, surrounded by skeletons. What was going on? Logan, the alpha, was fighting alone, a large group of zombies and skeletons surrounding him. He was covered with arrows! And Maya and Lupe, also surrounded by zombies, were not far from me.

“I’m coming, Lupe!” I cried, and charged into battle. I would save her! I loved her.

She was dodging the zombie attacks with her mother, Maya, who looked like she was in very bad shape. I could save them. I knew it!

The first zombie between us was turned away from me. He swung down at Lupe as I darted in and bit his thigh, trying to knock him down. My teeth sank into the creature’s leg, and he tasted just like the weird smell. Not at all like normal zombies.

And then something bizarre happened. As I bit the zombie, it seemed to buzz and phase, and when it fell away from me in pain, a perfect copy of it remained in the same place it was standing just before I attacked it. A duplicate. A copy. One wounded, one not.

As I stood staring in shock, trying to process what just happened, another zombie walking up behind me struck me in the back. I yelped in pain, then turned to face my opponents.

We were truly surrounded! The undead were everywhere. Moans. Snarls. Yelps of pain.

“Dakota!” Archie cried from across the clearing. “Help!”

Lupe lashed out herself, and bit the new zombie that had glitched out of the one I wounded, and the same thing happened. She bit its arm and scratched at its chest with her front paws, knocking it back. The zombie buzzed, shook, and fell backwards, immediately rising to its feet again, wounded. A duplicate of it remained standing in front of her.

I dodged as one of the zombies swung at me again, and I bit its arm by instinct. The zombie seemed to shake in space for half a second, and then there were two, one reacting to my attack, one not.

There were now several new zombies, because of our attacks, and it happened in just a few seconds!

My stomach turned cold with fear.

Looking back at Archie, I saw two arrows sticking out of my best friend, and Boris, who he was fighting with, was dead. Archie was surrounded by skeletons, all trying to fire arrows at him as he dodged and ripped at their bones! The skeletons he hit glitched and multiplied. Archie’s eyes were wide with terror.

Looking around, I couldn’t see many of us left. Logan was still giving a thrashing to a large group of undead up the hill. His enemies must be multiplying, too!

There was no way we could win this battle…

I dodged another attack, and thanked my lucky stars that I was so fast.

“Nooooo!” Lupe cried out near me. “Mom! No!”

A fire in my blood was ignited, and I knew that I had to save my friends!

“Run!” I cried. That was all I had time to say, as I lashed out to defend Lupe. A zombie swung for her, and I grabbed its leg with my jaws and tried to pull it away. Maybe if I was gentle enough and didn’t hurt it, it wouldn’t copy itself?

I dodged another swing directed at me.

As I tried to pull the zombie off of Lupe, it glitched, and another zombie appeared where it was standing, and smashed Lupe’s back with its fists. She staggered under its blow.

“No!” I cried, and threw myself at the zombie attacking her. Tried to knock it away. I succeeded, and the zombie and I both crashed to the ground. But another zombie appeared suddenly where it was standing just before, and it swung and struck Lupe again. I let out an insane snarl of desperation and launched myself at the new zombie! The other zombie regained its feet.

A green fist appeared from somewhere and smashed me in the side of the head.

I was dizzy for an instant, and watched in horror as the zombies surrounding Lupe continued their assault, and bashed her again and again!


My love, my Lupe—dead.

I tried to regain my senses and shook my head. Dodged another attack in the nick of time. Moved between the undead. I was fast! I could run like the wind! I dodged them all.

Up ahead of me, I saw the body of my best friend. Also dead. Multiple arrows stuck out of his body. He was surrounded by a ring of skeletons. They all lost interest in him, turned, and aimed their bows at me.


Both I, and the undead—all of us—stopped for a moment and looked over to where the alpha was fighting the horde.

Logan stood, surrounded, zombies clawing at him, arrows sticking out of him all over, and howled a desperate howl into the mountain air—a final desperate cry of defiance. Then they took him down.

The moans and growls and clattering of bones started up again all around me. I dodged fists. Arrows.

Now it was just me.

It was only me.

I ran.

I sprinted up the hill to the rise where Archie and I had arrived minutes before. Arrows pelted the ground around me as I zig-zagged my way up the hill on fast feet.

Just before I left the clearing behind, I stopped and turned back. My eyes scanned over the small army of undead coming after me, but I wasn’t looking at them. I was looking for the bodies of my pack.

Archie, Lupe, Arnou, Colin, Maya, Boris, and Logan—I saw them fall. I counted the others. One, two, three … four.


We were all dead. The pack was dead…

Arrows thunked into the tree in front of me and in the dirt by my feet, snapping my attention back to the moment.

I turned and ran. Ran like the wind. Ran like demons were behind me.

Everyone was dead … except for me.

I sprinted and didn’t slow down, squinting against the wind.

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Read Diary of a Minecraft Lone Wolf Book 1 NOW! Free Minecraft Book on KU!

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