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Minecraft Diary of Skeleton Steve the Noob Years – FULL Season Three (3)

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Season 3 Episode 1 – The Glitch

We are the Glitch…
We are the Glitch…

Waking up alone in the dark, at the bottom of the world, Skeleton Steve is confounded to still be alive. And where the heck is he?! But after finding a strange and dreadful red portal, covered with dirt blocks, our hero finds that he has a lot more to worry about than being lost far underground! The dark and narrow tunnels he finds himself trapped in are full of killer mobs infected with the Glitch virus–and Skeleton Steve is helpless and unarmed!

Even if our hero manages to stay ahead of the afflicted monsters, how will he manage to get out of this dark and terrifying maze of stone corridors alive? And with murderous Glitch mobs of all sorts hot on his bony heels, without any tools or weapons, how can Skeleton Steve ever hope to get back to the surface and find his friends??

S3E2 The Sleeping City

Skeleton Steve barely managed to escape the maze of dark and nightmarish tunnels full of Glitch mobs, only to find a mysterious and quiet city of stone, sitting silently in a vast underground cavern! How on Diamodia did this strange city get here? And who built it? And worse yet–the Sleeping City seems to be inhabited only by broken and confused iron golems intent on attacking our hero on sight!

But when Skeleton Steve comes across a lone skeleton warrior named Skonathan, and the odd swordsman refers to our hero as the Skeleton King, the plot thickens! What strange things will Skeleton Steve find in the Sleeping City, and what will he learn about his past and his connection to the mysterious place? And will Skonathan help our hero find what he needs to get back to the surface of Diamodia?

S3E3 Survival Island

Skeleton Steve knows now that he’ll need to find some wood to make a pick axe so that he can get back to the surface, but raiding the Sleeping City’s fortress and storage compound with Skonathan didn’t work out! Just when our hero is out of ideas, his skeleton warrior companion leads him to a great underground lake where a Minecraftian hermit has been living alone on an island ever since he was separated from his adventuring party–a fellow named UltimateSword5!

The lonely Minecraftian, trapped underground for a long time and surviving on mushrooms with diminishing equipment is more than happy to help Skeleton Steve and Skonathan search for wood! But can the three of them together manage to take on the iron golems guarding the Sleeping City’s storage compound? And even if they manage to defeat the maddened golems without being killed in the process, will Skeleton Steve and his new friends find the wood they need to escape the underworld??

S3E4 Clearing the Caves

It’s the simple things in life that you never think about that you take for granted. Like, for normal folks living up on the surface–up with the trees and grass and animals in the sunshine–you never think about desperately needing wood, right?

Suffering bad luck at every turn, Skeleton Steve and his friends are desperate, deep underground in a world of stone and gravel, to find some wood so that our hero can make a pick axe and get back to the land of daylight! Instead, their last efforts found nothing more than chests of stone, and another battle with the Glitch!

But when UltimateSword5 comes up with a new idea for finding wood, Skeleton Steve is suddenly pressed by the idea that they need to seal up those dreadful Glitch mobs–to entomb the area (and the mobs themselves) with stone to keep the infected monsters from wandering up and infecting the rest of Diamodia! Can they block off those terrible tunnels and infected mobs without meeting their doom in the deep, dark corridors of the evil, red portal??

S3E5 Silverfish Problems

At long last, wounded and ragged, Skeleton Steve, Skonathan, and UltimateSword5 manage to escape the Sleeping City and are on their way back to the surface world–back to normal life! The one last stop? They’re traveling through tunnels and ravines to an old abandoned mine shaft, so they can find some wood, finally make some pick axes, and get the heck outta there!

But having a Minecraftian with them in an underground world of mobs isn’t easy, since every mob they encounter wants to eat poor Ulti. And when the three heroes are waylaid by a desperate clan of silverfish on their way to the mines through an area of lava pools, will Skeleton Steve fight his way through to his ultimate goal with his friends unharmed? Or will he stop to help the silverfish with their Glitchy problem…?

S3E6 The Spider Mines – Season THREE Finale!!

When Skeleton Steve refuses to hand UltimateSword5 (the Minecraftian) over to the hungry cave spiders, he makes an enemy out of ‘the swarm’. All they need is a little bit of wood to make pick axes, then they can get up to the surface–is that really too much to ask?!

But as the trio makes their way through the mines infested with ravenous cave spiders to get to some wood, the stakes are high, and they’re risking it all to finally escape the deep, dark underground world of the Sleeping City. Will they survive? Will they make it to the surface of Diamodia together?

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