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If you’ve come to this page, it means you’ve received an invitation to join my small community of Book Reviewers!

Love Minecraft? Love reading?
Then this will be good for us both! You’ll get my books FOR FREE, and your reviews (on Amazon) will help me a lot!!

Having reviews for my books are important for multiple reasons, including:

  • Getting valuable feedback that I can use to write better books.
  • Making my books visible to readers. Especially when they’re first published. Books without reviews fade into obscurity.

So, I’ll be very happy to send you free copies of my books for your enjoyment. And I appreciate you taking a minute out of your day to leave an honest review for each free book you decide to read. It doesn’t have to be a book report–just a simple sentence or two is fine. Please review each book as soon as you finish reading if possible. The books have links included to make it easy for you to do so.

How Much Do I Have to Write??

Hardly a thing! The more feedback I can get from you the better, but I’m not asking for a freakin book report!! If you’re new to Amazon Reviews, all you need to do at a minimum is just write a short sentence or two about how the book made you feel and what you liked/dislike about it–no big deal! If you wanna write a huge, long thing, go for it (I read them all!), but please at least just write a tiny, little something. The reviews that you, my review team, leave go a long way toward making my books more visible and improving my skill as an author!

Still with me? Great! 🙂
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