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I’m Skeleton Steve, Author of *epic* unofficial Minecraft books. I’ve been all over the Minecraft world of Diamodia (and others). As an adventurer and a writer at heart, I always chronicle my journeys, and I ask all of the friends I meet along the way to do the same.

My stories aren’t your typical Minecraft junk food for the brain. I work hard to design great plots and complex characters to take you for a roller coaster ride in their shoes! Er … claws. Monster feet, maybe?

All of my stories written by (just) me are designed for all ages—kind of like how the Harry Potter series appeals to both kids and adults—and they’re twisting journeys of epic adventure! For something more light-hearted, check out my “Fan Series” books, which are collaborations between myself and my fans.

I *really* appreciate all of my reviewers and fans who take the time to leave a review here and there! The feedback is really helpful, and you guys have offered many ideas to put in new stories, and I’ve used a lot of them! Some of the major characters (like Slinger the Spider, or Skonathan the skeletal swordsman) came from suggestions from you fans!

Smart kids will love these books! Teenagers and nerdy grown-ups will have a great time relating with the characters and the stories—everyone will get swept up in the struggles of, say, a novice Enderman ninja (Elias), or the young and naïve creeper king (Cth’ka), and even a chicken (Cluckington) who refuses to be a zombie knight’s battle steed, only to become a great hero herself!

Want to learn more about me and where I came from? Who I was before I became … undead? Make sure to keep up with my books whenever I publish something new!

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I love bringing my Minecraft stories to readers like you. And I hope to one day put out over 100 stories! If you have a cool idea for a Minecraft story, please send me an email (Click Here), and I might make your idea into a real book. I promise I’ll write back.  🙂

zombie-book-01Thank you to all of you who are buying and reading my books and helping me grow as a writer. I put many hours into writing and preparing these books for you. I love Minecraft, and writing about it is almost as much fun as playing it. It’s because of you, reader, that I’m able to keep writing these books for you and others to enjoy.

After you read one of my books, please take a minute to leave a simple review. I really appreciate the feedback from my readers, and love to read your reactions to my stories, good or bad. If you ever want to see your name/handle featured in one of my stories, leave a review and tell me about it in there!

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