Diary Book Minecraft Series – Skeleton Steve & the Noob Mobs Collection 3 – Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction Diary Series

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Diary Book Minecraft Series – Skeleton Steve & the Noob Mobs Collection 3

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Love MINECRAFT? **Over 80,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

FOUR Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!!


Part 1 – Minecraft Diary of a Creeper King Book 3

Mighty Cth’ka the Creeper King is ready for his second task!

While working on his obsidian fortress, Cth’ka is approached by Worla the Witch and asked to perform his second task–to kill a fellow witch!! Sure, the witch of the icy mountains is probably evil and is planning on spreading her ice magic into Darkwood Forest, but is Cth’ka okay with being Worla’s assassin?

As more and more creepers join his creeper army, Cth’ka sets off on his dangerous mission with Skeleton Steve and Zarek the zombie, but have his powers grown strong enough to help him kill a witch? And is there something more sinister going on with Worla and her three tasks??


Part 2 – Minecraft Diary of a Teenage Zombie Villager Book 3

The Right Stuff

The evil witch is dead and Worla is satisfied with Devdan’s hard work. Holding up her end of the deal, Devdan’s benefactor tells the teenage zombie villager (and Skeleton Steve) that they’ll need to find the right stuff–a Golden Apple and a Potion of Weakness–to perform the transformation process. She even tells them where to find the items!

But when the potion they need lies within the lair of another rival witch, one who stole all of Worla’s potion-brewing gear, and this second rival witch is also a master of slime control, will Devdan and Skeleton Steve (and the cat, Mr. Whiskers!) be able to deal with another evil magic user? And will delving down into a jungle temple full of tricks and traps prove to be too much for the duo?


Part 3 – Minecraft Diary of a Chicken (Jockey) Battle Steed Book 3

An unexpected RACE for treasure! – EXTRA EPIC

After leaving the weird skeleton, the stinky zombie, and the evil kitty cat behind, Cluckington is taking Sir Zebulon back east to the place he calls home. But past a nasty swamp and a foreboding jungle, the duo come across a strange and unexpected sight–a haunting stranger with glowing white eyes offering a spectacular footrace for an amazing prize! All mobs are invited to join the race, and a flaming diamond sword to the winner is something too awesome for Sir Zebulon to pass up!

The zombie knight and his trusty chicken battle steed feel confident that they can win! But when a mean zombie pigman jockey from the Nether starts playing dirty and cheating, will Cluckington still be able to overcome the odds and win the race??


Part 4 – Minecraft Diary of a Lone Wolf Book 3

Lost in the deep, deep darkness!

After delving into the underground caves under the village to help Steve find the lost villager child, Dakota and his friends are separated from their alpha and hopelessly lost themselves! Now, the wolves have to make a plan to get back to the surface, but first things first–Dakota and Rex have to find Winter! She’s missing and alone somewhere deep in the dark.

But even if the trio reunites, how will three hungry wolves from the surface world ever survive the dangers of the Diamodia underworld? And once they attract the attention of a swarm of cave spiders in an abandoned mineshaft, is the Lone Wolf and his friends destined to become arachnid appetizers?

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