Diary Book Minecraft Series – Skeleton Steve & the Noob Mobs Collection 2 – Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction Diary Series

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Diary Book Minecraft Series – Skeleton Steve & the Noob Mobs Collection 2

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Love MINECRAFT? **Over 72,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

FOUR Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!!


Part 1 – Minecraft Diary of a Creeper King Book 2

What does Worla the Witch have in store for Cth’ka the Creeper King??

Now that he has the Crown of Ender, Cth’ka feels like he can take on the world! But at what cost?? Now, building a home for himself and his new friends in his favorite part of the forest, he can’t help but wonder what dreadful errand the witch will require him to do first…

With the help of Skeleton Steve and his new followers, will Cth’ka be up to the task? Or will he try to take the easy way out? And, as always, when Minecraft Steve gets involved, everything is headed for trouble…


Part 2 – Minecraft Diary of a Teenage Zombie Villager Book 2

Help with the ‘Zombie Problem’

Now that Devdan has found his way home and remembers who he is, the teenage zombie villager is desperate to find a way to reverse his ‘zombie problem’ and go back to his own life AND be accepted by his father again! When a traveling witch named Worla offers to help him transform back to normal, Devdan is happy to perform some errands for her in exchange for such assistance!

But, even with the help of Skeleton Steve and Sir Zebulon the Zombie Knight (and Mr. Whiskers the cat!), can they sneak into Minecraft Steve’s castle to do as she asks? And when Worla reveals that a rival witch–a swamp voodoo master–is the monster that killed Devdan and his mother, will the teenage zombie villager be able to get his revenge??


Part 3 – Minecraft Diary of a Chicken (Jockey) Battle Steed Book 2

Off to kill an evil witch!!

Now that Cluckington is safe from the Steve, and she’s realized how much she values the brave and strange Sir Zebulon the Zombie Knight, they’re off to meet up with a stinky zombie and a weird skeleton with glowing eyes to kill an evil witch–whatever that is…

But when the zombie’s terrifying creature–what Sir Zebulon calls a cat–seems to be interested in nothing more than making a meal out of Cluckington, how will she be a good mount for her master and keep moving, focused on his mission, with a ferocious feline ambushing her at every turn??


Part 4 – Minecraft Diary of a Lone Wolf Book 2

Dakota the lone wolf isn’t alone anymore.

In fact, life is good! With his new alpha, Steve, and his new pack mates, Rex and Winter, the young wolf is really loving his life in the village! What a change from his old like with his pack in the forest, and the nightmare of being on the run from the Glitch!

But peaceful times are interrupted one night when a strange storm causes a massive explosion in town, and Steve takes the three wolves down into the caves under the village to help recover a lost villager child! Will Dakota and his friends be able to protect their new alpha from undead monsters deep underground? And what happens if they get lost??

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