Diary of a Minecraft Chicken Jockey BATTLE STEED BOX SET – Collection 1 – Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction Diary Series

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Diary of a Minecraft Chicken Jockey BATTLE STEED BOX SET – Collection 1

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Love MINECRAFT? **Over 66,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book BOX SET is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

All FOUR “Chicken Battle Steed” Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!!


Box Set – Book 1

When you think of the rare ‘Chicken Jockey’, have you ever heard the CHICKEN’S story?

Wild and free spirited, this chicken liked her normal life of eating seeds, running around in the grasslands, and playing in the river. But unlike the other chickens in her flock, she was bored!

Her life was about to change when a strange and small zombie knight named Sir Zebulon chose her to be his chicken battle steed and named her ‘Cluckington’. And now, this highly independent chicken would try everything to get rid of the zombie knight who took over her life. Would she ever find her freedom? Or would she grow to respect the gallant Sir Zebulon and his knight’s code?


Box Set – Book 2

Off to kill an evil witch!!

Now that Cluckington is safe from the Steve, and she’s realized how much she values the brave and strange Sir Zebulon the Zombie Knight, they’re off to meet up with a stinky zombie and a weird skeleton with glowing eyes to kill an evil witch–whatever that is…

But when the zombie’s terrifying creature–what Sir Zebulon calls a cat–seems to be interested in nothing more than making a meal out of Cluckington, how will she be a good mount for her master and keep moving, focused on his mission, with a ferocious feline ambushing her at every turn??



An unexpected RACE for treasure! – EXTRA EPIC

After leaving the weird skeleton, the stinky zombie, and the evil kitty cat behind, Cluckington is taking Sir Zebulon back east to the place he calls home. But past a nasty swamp and a foreboding jungle, the duo come across a strange and unexpected sight–a haunting stranger with glowing white eyes offering a spectacular footrace for an amazing prize! All mobs are invited to join the race, and a flaming diamond sword to the winner is something too awesome for Sir Zebulon to pass up!

The zombie knight and his trusty chicken battle steed feel confident that they can win! But when a mean zombie pigman jockey from the Nether starts playing dirty and cheating, will Cluckington still be able to overcome the odds and win the race??


Box Set – Book 4

The Rescue of Sir Zebulon

Cluckington the brave battle chicken stands staring at the Nether Portal where the scoundrel pigmen just kidnapped Sir Zebulon and took him away into who-knows-where! She follows her master into the fire and brimstone world full of terrifying creatures, determined to bring him back, but how long will she have to find him before the portal home disappears??

What’s a chicken to do, surrounded by hostile pigmen in a strange and fiery land? Through perilous terrain and past hot lava and creepy mobs she’s never seen before, will Cluckington ever be able to find the pigmen camp where her master is held prisoner? And even if she does reach Sir Zebulon through the many aggressive guards, how are the two of them going to get back home with all of the zombie pigmen in the area hunting them down?


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