Diary of a Teenage Minecraft Zombie Villager BOX SET – 4 Book Collection 1 – Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds – Adventure Fan Fiction Diary Series

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Diary of a Teenage Minecraft Zombie Villager BOX SET – 4 Book Collection 1

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Love MINECRAFT? **Over 80,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**
This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book BOX SET is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

All FOUR “Teenage Zombie Villager” Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!!


Box Set – Book 1

Devdan wasn’t your typical teenager.
He was a Minecraft villager.
And he was a zombie.

He spent his days and nights doing zombie stuff.

The zombie Devdan couldn’t even remember his name anymore, that is, until he was visited by the pet cat he had when he was alive. Now, along with Skeleton Steve’s help, Devdan sets out with his long-lost kitty to remember who he is and find his village home. But how will he find the way? And what will he do if he gets there? Will Devdan be destined to roam the Minecraft world as a zombie villager forever?


Box Set – Book 2

Help with the ‘Zombie Problem’

Now that Devdan has found his way home and remembers who he is, the teenage zombie villager is desperate to find a way to reverse his ‘zombie problem’ and go back to his own life AND be accepted by his father again! When a traveling witch named Worla offers to help him transform back to normal, Devdan is happy to perform some errands for her in exchange for such assistance!

But, even with the help of Skeleton Steve and Sir Zebulon the Zombie Knight (and Mr. Whiskers the cat!), can they sneak into Minecraft Steve’s castle to do as she asks? And when Worla reveals that a rival witch–a swamp voodoo master–is the monster that killed Devdan and his mother, will the teenage zombie villager be able to get his revenge??


Box Set – Book 3

The Right Stuff

The evil witch is dead and Worla is satisfied with Devdan’s hard work. Holding up her end of the deal, Devdan’s benefactor tells the teenage zombie villager (and Skeleton Steve) that they’ll need to find the right stuff–a Golden Apple and a Potion of Weakness–to perform the transformation process. She even tells them where to find the items!

But when the potion they need lies within the lair of another rival witch, one who stole all of Worla’s potion-brewing gear, and this second rival witch is also a master of slime control, will Devdan and Skeleton Steve (and the cat, Mr. Whiskers!) be able to deal with another evil magic user? And will delving down into a jungle temple full of tricks and traps prove to be too much for the duo?


Box Set – Book 4

Who will cure the Teenage Zombie Villager??

After everything they’ve been through, with the golden apple and the Potion of Weakness in hand, Skeleton Steve and Devdan are having a hard time completing the process! Once they return to Worla with the right stuff to transform Devdan back into his normal self, our heroes are surprised to find out that she doesn’t know how! The witch sends them to the Steve to try and convince the Minecraftian to perform the ritual for them.

But when the Steve wants nothing more than to kill the teenage zombie villager and Skeleton Steve, and they can’t convince him otherwise, what are they going to do? Having the bright idea to go back to Devdan’s father in Ahimsa Village for help, they run into even more problems! Devdan’s dad has been kidnapped and taken to the Nether! When the duo (along with Devdan’s cat, Mr. Whiskers) finds a way to the dark and fiery world to rescue the missing armorer, will they be able to make it through the frightening place, save the teenage zombie villager’s father from certain doom, and FINALLY be able to transform Devdan back into a normal villager again??


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