Minecraft Diary: Skeleton Steve and the Noob Mobs Collection 1 (Unofficial Minecraft Diary) – Minecraft Diary Books for Kids

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Over 57,000 words of Minecraft Diary Books!

FOUR Minecraft Diary Books in ONE!!!

Get 4 Skeleton Steve books in the same place:
– The tale of Cth’ka, the mighty Creeper King
– Devdan, the Zombie Teenage Villager searching for his home
– The funny and feel-good story of the (baby) zombie knight, Sir Zebulon, and his valient Chicken Battle Steed, Cluckington
– And Dakota, the young wolf who lost his pack to the Glitch and is searching for a new family


Book 1 – Minecraft Diary of a Creeper King

Ever heard of the Creeper King, mighty Cth’ka?

Read the adventure diary of a young creeper who was looking for a way to protect himself without blowing up!

When Cth’ka the Creeper and Skeleton Steve leave the forest to ask the local witch for help, they are soon on a long and dangerous journey to find a secret artifact that will allow Cth’ka the power to move blocks with his mind! But will the difficulty of traveling across the Minecraft world, a village under attack, hiding from a fully-armored killer hero, and finding the way to a hidden stronghold be too much for a creeper and his skeleton companion to handle?


Book 2 – Minecraft Diary of a Teenage Zombie Villager

Devdan wasn’t your typical teenager.
He was a Minecraft villager.
And he was a zombie.

He spent his days and nights doing zombie stuff.

The zombie Devdan couldn’t even remember his name anymore, that is, until he was visited by the pet cat he had when he was alive. Now, along with Skeleton Steve’s help, Devdan sets out with his long-lost kitty to remember who he is and find his village home. But how will he find the way? And what will he do if he gets there? Will Devdan be destined to roam the Minecraft world as a zombie villager forever?


Book 3 – Minecraft Diary of a Chicken (Jockey) Battle Steed

When you think of the rare ‘Chicken Jockey’, have you ever heard the CHICKEN’S story?

Wild and free spirited, this chicken liked her normal life of eating seeds, running around in the grasslands, and playing in the river. But unlike the other chickens in her flock, she was bored!

Her life was about to change when a strange and small zombie knight named Sir Zebulon chose her to be his chicken battle steed and named her ‘Cluckington’. And now, this highly independent chicken would try everything to get rid of the zombie knight who took over her life. Would she ever find her freedom? Or would she grow to respect the gallant Sir Zebulon and his knight’s code?


Book 4 – Minecraft Diary of a Lone Wolf

Dakota was a young wolf, happy with his life in a wolf pack in the taiga forest where he was born.

Almost fully-grown, Dakota was fast and loved to run. He had friends, loved his mother, respected his alpha, and had a crush on a young female pack-mate.

But his life was about to change forever when his pack was attacked by the Glitch, a mysterious and invincible horde of mobs that appeared and started killing everything in their path!

Now, he was a lone wolf. With the help of Skeleton Steve, would he ever belong to another pack again? Would they escape the Glitch and warn the rest of Diamodia?


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